About Western Colorado University Financial Aid Options

The president of Western Colorado University, Greg Salsbury possesses over 40 years of experience as a leader and professional in the educational field. Since joining Western Colorado University (WCU), Greg Salsbury increased the rate of enrollment in the first four years by 21 percent as well as retention rate by 10 percent. The WCU features […]

Saving for Retirement or Paying for a Child’s Education

As the president of Western Colorado University for the past five years, Greg Salsbury has been successful in significantly boosting enrollment and retention rates. Extensively published in his field, Greg Salsbury authored a 2016 opinion piece in Financial Advisor magazine titled “Your Kids’ Education or Your Retirement.” Focusing on the sequence of returns risk (SORR), […]

About the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley’s STEP Program

The president of Western Colorado University, Greg Salsbury is an experienced professional and business leader. Before starting to work at Western Colorado University in 2014, Greg Salsbury was the executive vice president of financial services company, Jackson National Life for five years. He serves as a board and finance committee member of the Community Foundation […]

New Tiebreaker Rules in Tennis

Greg Salsbury assumed the presidency of Western Colorado University in 2014. Over the course of his first four years with the school, enrollment increased by 21 percent, the largest four year enrollment increase in university history. Outside of his work at Western Colorado University, Greg Salsbury enjoys staying physically active, particularly through tennis and pickleball. […]

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